Diffusing Essential Oils

There are 3 basic ways to use essential oils though not all oils can be used in all three ways.  Most grades of essential oils are made only to be used in a very diluted form on the skin.  Because doTERRA essential oils are CPTG (certified pure therapeutic grade) they are safe to use topically, aromatically, and internally. 

Diffusing is one of my favorite ways to use essential oils.  With a diffuser, the oils are atomized with water into minute ion particles and active oxygen ions.  This makes them more easily absorbed by the human body.  Diffusing makes the essential oils start working immediately to kill germs in the air, open airways and affect mood.  On Guard is an excellent oil to diffuse if there’s someone sick in your home, and can help keep everyone else from catching it.  Breathe or Eucalyptus are both great for asthma or chest colds.  You can use just one oil or come up with your own fun blends!  Here’s one of mine.  Enjoy!!


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    • All doTERRA oils can be diffused but there are a few blends that were created for topical use. Clearskin, Immortelle, Deep Blue and Aromatouch all should be applied topically for the real benefits. Also, some of them might not be what you want your house to smell like. Oregano and fennel come to mind. 🙂