Easy Spice Tin Labels

Today was my little guy’s second day at preschool. I can’t say that I accomplished much but I did finally finish labeling and hanging my spice tins. That’s something, right? I’m really happy with the way it turned out and it’s nice not to be digging through a basket to find what I need.


First I mounted a metal sheet I found at Home Depot on the pantry door. I found the spice tins here… http://www.containerandpackaging.com/catalog/deep-metal-tins/79/#1,0&0&0&0&0&0&0&79&0&0&list&0&0,1 A little over $30 for 48 tins. Not bad!

Next, I purchased round Avery labels at an office supply store. The Avery website allows you to easily add text and graphics to your labels before you print at home. Simple!

Add small magnets to the back, also from Home Depot. All finished! Some crazy people might even alphabetize which will last for around 5 minutes now that the boy is home from school for the day.

What do you think?


After that, I didn’t get a whole lot finished. We live in beautiful Los Angeles where the weather is almost always perfect. So nice, most people don’t even have air conditioning. But, there’s always a week every year when it is HOT!! Day 3 of 90 degrees and high humidity. Yuck. So, this is what the rest of my afternoon looked like.


Not even a smidge of guilt, either. 🙂 Happy Thursday!


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